Li’l Country Cakes: The Story of a Mini-Bakery

Eric has started referring to my time off as the “Summer of Erin.” That’s a nod to Seinfeld when George loses his job at the Yankees and spends the summer doing absolutely nothing until he slips on the party invitation and hurts his legs. HA! Well, I don’t plan to injure myself on stationary supplies, but basically, he’s encouraging me to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had time for before.

So, I’ve decided to take on a summer project. Something fun and creative. I purchased a small two-room dollhouse kit that I am going to build and decorate as my own little bake shop called…Li’l Country Cakes! I had a dollhouse as a kid and I just loved it. It’s amazing all the stuff that’s out there in miniature world! I’ve already started shopping for my goodies! But, first things first…gotta build it!

Many pieces and a big ole mess in our empty guest room!

Day 1: Erin vs. the Hot Glue Gun.I admit that my heart sank when I read the instructions it said to construct the house with hot glue. I was all set to use wood glue. I bought a nifty glue pen and everything. Dang! I HATE hot glue. I always burn myself. Did I burn myself this time around? YES! HA! But after about 2 hours of work I had the beginnings of a house!

Day 2: Painting Day! I’m doing the outside in a pretty pastel pinky/peach color that reminded me of the gerber daisies I had in my wedding bouquet. Inside, I painted the walls white (for now).

Next up: building the window seat and putting in the the floors and trim!

Stayed tuned for more! 🙂

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