Meet Me In St. Louis!

You know, it’s kind of hard to believe that I have lived right here in the Midwest my entire life and I had never been to St. Louis! What’s up with that?? I guess it’s probably because all the city I ever needed was right in my backyard in Chicago but now that we are in Iowa there is NO city in our backyard. There are cornfields. Literally, that’s what’s in our backyard. And silos. And barns. And other such rural things.

It was time for a little change of scenery, so Eric and I planned a weekend trip down to St. Louis. It was his birthday gift from me. A trip to St. Louis with the intention of seeing a Cardinals game at the new Busch Stadium. He hadn’t been yet so he was pretty excited. Now, we are a house divided. I am a Cubs fan….that’s just the way it is. Eric is a Cardinals fan. Those backwards southern Illinois-ians!! LOL! So, I went to the game and cheered on the Cards ONLY because it was Eric’s birthday gift and I love him. NOT because I’m turning to the dark side. GO CUBS GO!

We saw the game on Friday night. Eric got a foul ball! It came over into our section and he dove for it like a crazy person.

Today we salute you – Mr. Over-Zealous Foul Ball Catcher!

We made sure to get a picture of my feelings of the whole cheering for the Cardinals thing. LOL!

We’ll get the food part in a sec. First, let’s talk BEER! The most wonderful drink in the world, HOORAY!

The Anheuser-Busch brewery is in St. Louis and, belive it or not, you can tour it for FREE! That’s right. 100% free of charge complete with two free samples at the end. It’s really a great way to spend an afternoon. The brewery has been there since the 1890’s so it’s full of neat, old-timey architecture.

Here’s the brew house.

We made sure to collect our samples at the end. Mmmmm….free beer.

Now, we didn’t have much time so we only had one nice meal while we were there. I always get so overwhelmed trying to pick out places to eat when we go out of town. There are so many choices and I have no idea what’s good. I enlisted the help of Eric in picking the place, since he’d been there before and he decided he’d like to try Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood, right across the street from the Stadium. (620 Market St., St. Louis) Okay, sounded like a plan to me. I made a reservation for later in the evening on Saturday, since we scored a couple tickets to the game that afternoon as well.

I always get roped into reading restaurant reviews and I just shouldn’t do it. Of course, there are tons of poor reviews of the place and I get all paranoid. But then I think…meh…of course people are going to write if they thought they had a bad experience. Nobody writes about good experiences. I went in with an open mind.

When we arrived the place was PACKED! That’s got to be some indication of quality, right? The host seemed pretty relieved that we had reservations. I think he was getting tired of being scoffed at when he told people it would be 10:00 before they were seated. We got our table immediately.

I enjoyed our meal very very much. Everything was delish! Eric had a Caesar salad, prime rib that came with this yummy cheesy popover thing and Irish roasted potatoes in a garlic butter sauce. The potatoes were so good! I very, very, very rarely order steak. It’s not that I don’t like it…it’s just that…ya never know, you know? If it’s not great steak, I’d rather have something else. I decided to just take the plunge and go for it and went for an 8oz. filet. It was perfect! Perfectly cooked, tender and a great flavor. I also had a house salad that had roasted red peppers, artichokes and red onion in a red wine vinaigrette and these super yummy onion rings. They were nice and thin and crispy. Yum! We rounded off the meal with a piece of blueberry gooey butter cake. Oh.My.God. YUM!!! I was so full by that point but it didn’t matter…the cake was sooooo good, we couldn’t stop eating it!

We had a great experience there, I recommend it. And at about $75 a person, it’s pricey but not ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever woken up still full from a meal the night before, but I sure did on Sunday morning!!

We had a great time in St. Louis! Great city! I can’t wait to go back! Maybe next time, we’ll do it when the Cubs are in town! 🙂

A few more pics:

The Arch!

Feeding the fish at Union Station.

Upper deck!



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3 responses to “Meet Me In St. Louis!

  1. Laura

    My folks are from St. Louis and that stadium is where my folks met actually (it was the World Series game). Anyways…great town! My grandma and one of my Aunt and Uncles and a cousin live there and I was born there. It’s so much fun to go there and I’m glad you had a good time too. : )

  2. Erin

    I love the pic of the arch!! beautiful.

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