I’m Ready for my Close Up

I’ve been wanting to make myself a little DIY light box for a while but I’ve been putting it off. Two reasons – 1. I am lazy. 2. I wanted Eric to do it for me because he is a mechanical engineer and thus very skilled at all sorts of building and fixing things and whatnot. He is a precise and analytical artist, measuring twice and cutting once. I’m more of an….abstract type artist. That usually leads to mistakes (whoops…wasn’t supposed to cut there…) and cursing ($@#*!) on projects such as this. Heh…

Eric has been way, way, way too busy lately to be worrying about constructing me a light box. He’s this.close to FINALLY being done with his MBA…two years in the making. I’m so very proud of him. Just one last push here. He hasn’t had much time for anything else but school and work as of late, so I wasn’t about to get on his case about something to improve my silly little blog. Plus, even if he did have a couple hours free to do something he enjoyed, I don’t think this project would be really high on his priority list when there are motorcycles to rebuild and lawn mowers to tinker with and cars that need oil changes. If I wanted a light box, I was going to have to tackle it myself.

One of the things that had me (and Eric) slightly concerned was having to store a big clunky box somewhere. We are very anti-clutter. We don’t like things sitting around. We’ve FINALLY cleared a whole bunch of crap out of our extra bedrooms and the basement that’s been sitting in there since we moved in nearly 4 years ago. Ahhhh…so liberating. We are about three months into our anti-crap campaign, and so far it’s working out great!! I’m not about to start RE-collecting crap and throwing it in there….but I really really REALLY wanted a light box…. A real blogger’s dilemma if ever there was one….hmmmmm….

Then….along came the solution to all my problems! Well, maybe not ALL my problems. I’m still not sure what to do about that pesky itching and burning (LOL. OMG…so totally kidding. Seriously, just joking around!!) Anyway, I spotted the plans for a COLLAPSIBLE light box that involved cutting notches into form core and then fitting them together to make the box. I spotted it over at Things Alauna Makes who saw it at Drawings in Motion! Collapsible?? Um, that’s pretty much EXACTLY what I was looking for! Big thanks to both of these awesome bloggers for the easy to follow instructions and tips.

I purchased the foam core (4 pieces total) from Hobby Lobby and the clampy lights and 60 watt daylight lightbulbs from Menards. It doesn’t cost much at all…20 or 25 bucks  of so. Not too shabby. I really got into this project tonight….think this kid:


so I didn’t take and pics of my steps. I forgot. Please check out the blogs linked above for step by step instructions and pictures. It’s far from perfect….there are for sure some pretty gnarly looking exacto knife slips here and there, but I think it will work. I had the most fun hunting around the house trying to find things to put in there to try it out. See, there cupoards are bare as I haven’t been to the store yet this weekend, so I didn’t really have anything fresh and colorful to put in there. I had to improvise. Here are some (somewhat improved) photos using my new setup. I’m still working on the best placement of the lights. It will take a bit of practice. Please note that I still used a photo editing software to clean them up a bit more. I use Google Picasa. It’s pretty basic, but it’s a free download and it’s easy to use. I recommend it! 🙂

Ooooo….purrrrrty. 🙂

The only thing I have in the house  that even remotely resembles fresh procduce…LEMONS! It’s 11:00 p.m. and it appears I have failed miserably at eating the rainbow today. Well, wait…that’s not entirely true…I’ve eaten things pasta, cheese and chocolate-colored. That counts, right?  Mmmm…

Speaking of pasta:

Aw, come on! Who spilled the pasta? Sheesh!

The persice and analytical artist at work: Eric made this rose for me out of sheet metal. It was the first flower he ever gave me…and it will last forever. Just like us! ::insert collective awwwwww here:: Seriously though…pretty neat, eh? I love my copper rose…it is one of my most cherished possesions. Le sigh…he’s so good…

And finally….pop the top on the Champagne of Beers to celebrate all this hard work. I can’t believe we actually have High Life TALLBOYS in our fridge. Heh. I’m totally collecting the cans and making windchimes out of them….it’s the only appropriate thing to do with empty cans of cheap beer. LOL. When I met Eric (at dollar High Life/Lite bottle night at Brother’s, ironically enough) he used to LIVE the High Life….his beer of choice. Not so much anymore. Now people like to bring it to him as a joke. We can’t get rid of it!

High Life anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


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3 responses to “I’m Ready for my Close Up

  1. brannyboilsover


    Great job.

  2. joelen

    Nice!! 🙂

  3. Emily McQ.

    The photos are amazing! Before reading this post, I thought you had been using professional pics from the web instead of your own 🙂 And I did want to point out one item that needs correcting–just because someone is a ME doesn’t mean they are “skilled at all sorts of building and fixing things and whatnot.” I mean, I love your brother more than life itself, but he is challenged by even a cordless drill! (OK, maybe he is getting better, and I know Eric has had waaay more practice, but I’m just sayin’!)

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