Finally! A Tent I Like!

Usually the thought of tents makes me squirm. They make me shiver and shudder and fill me with dread. I don’t do tents. I do resorts. I do indoor plumbing and rooms with king sized beds and flat panel televisions. I make reservations, not campfires.

Let me tell you why I hate tents. It all started with the Girl Scouts. Where impressionable young women go to become robust, wilderness loving, mountain women. Or, in our case, where impressionable young women occasionally take a field trip to the roller rink and hand off our cookie selling sheets to our parents to take to work. We’d have “overnights” where we’d all sleep on the floor of some Girl Scout-owned rec room somewhere but that was about as close as we ever got to camping.

Until we were about 10. Then all of a sudden we were old enough for an overnight in the platform tents out in…Woodstock? Or Sycamore? I don’t even remember, but it was in the North ‘burbs and an official Girl Scout campsite. I was wary before we even got out there. Even at that young age, I had absolutely no desire to sleep in a tent. It’s only one night, said my mom, one of our leaders. Maybe so, but it could be my last night when I’m mauled by a bald headed killer bear (Great Outdoors, anyone?)

So we get out there after school on a Friday evening. It’s cold and rainy already and we’d hardly even gotten started. Canvas tents pitched on wooden platforms stood in a menacing row at the top of a hill on the edge of the woods. I linked arms with a friend of mine and we ever so cautiously approached what would be our home for the next 12 hours plus.

I reached out my hand and slowly pulled back the flap on the tent. Out of the tent shoots a big, black, hairy bat. Right into my face. I mean, RIGHT into my face. Pandemonium ensues. I’m screaming bloody murder. My friend is screaming bloody murder. A dozen or so other girls who have absolutely no clue what is going are screaming bloody murder.

A bat. Flew into my face. On my first (and last) camping trip ever. That’s it for me, folks! You’ve been great! Be sure to tip your bartender, GOOD NIGHT!

But, have no fear, my friends! I have finally found a tent I could actually live in – The WILTON tent! I had planned to go home to the ‘burbs for the weekend and realized on Friday before I left that I would in town for the Wilton Tent Sale in Woodridge! Oh my goodness, SCORE! I was so so so excited at this point. I couldn’t wait to get there. Wilton Products puts on this sale every year and it’s just piles of kitchen stuff, baking gear, scrapbook materials and wedding stuff. It’s A-MAZE-ING. Heaven in a tent! Never thought I’d say that. And I’m proud to report…NO BATS! YAY!

My mom and I went on Sunday, getting there around 10:00 a.m. I was worried there would be a line out the door but there wasn’t. It was certainly crowded but it wasn’t ridiculously crowded. We could move down the aisles and see everything so it was great. We spent about 90 minutes going through everything and came out with boatloads of stuff. The best part? I only spent about $80! WOW.

Here’s a pic of my loot:

I got:

  • A 3 in 1 cake/cupcake caddy
  • Storage grater
  • Cake stencils
  • Nut/Party cups
  • Cookie Spatula
  • Ice Cream Scoop
  • A set of three quiche/tart pans
  • A set of three mini loaf pans
  • Colored Sprinkles
  • Romance mini cookie cutters
  • Cake leveler
  • Sprinkles
  • A box of 12 gel food colors
  • Disposable pastry bags
  • Pure Vanilla
  • Parchment Paper
  • Cookie Cutters – pumpkin, snowman, bell, ice cream cone
  • Cupcake liners

There you have it! My new found love of tents! If you are in the Chicago area and have a chance to get to the sale, GO! You will not be disappointed! I am going to make a special trip home EVERY YEAR now for this sale! Can’t wait to use everything!



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10 responses to “Finally! A Tent I Like!

  1. brannyboilsover

    What a nightmare! A bat!
    Looks like you scored at the tent sale. Can’t wait to see what you post in the blog as a result.

  2. I’m. So. Jealous.

  3. Ooooh I wish I could have gone!!!! Looks like you made a haul though. 🙂

  4. Great finds and buys! Hopefully the next time you’re visiting IL, we can GTG! (I’ve missed commenting on your blog for a bit so it’s so good to have some time and catch up with all your cooking/baking! 🙂 )

  5. Melissa

    LMAO at your camping story!
    I am so jealous of everyone who went to the sale!

  6. Ok, seriously great story!
    You’ve convinced me to go to the sale. I believe it is still on this weekend. Wonder if they’ll still have anything left??

    • themilkmanswife

      Chris – you should go! It’s still going on through this weekend. There’s sooooo much stuff there I bet there’s a ton of good stuff left. Happy shopping!

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  8. OK, I am considering making the 3+ hour drive down from Wisconsin to go to the tent sale this year… any tips for a first-timer?

    • themilkmanswife

      Ooo! YAY! It’s worth it if you want to stock up on baking supplies. It does get crowded on the weekends so if you can do a weekday, it’s much easier to move around. If a weekday won’t work, just plan to get there right when it opens! I’ve gone both the first weekend and the last weekend of the event and there was plenty of stuff to choose from even toward the end of the event. Have fun!

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