A Little Birdy Told Me…Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

Eric’s new favorite commercial is the Hulu.com one with Dennis Leary. He’s loves the bliggity-blog/facey-space/tweety-page part. It seriously makes him laugh for like five minutes. He usually walks into the living room finds me on the couch with my purple blankie (hee hee) and asks me if I’m on my bliggity-blog, my facey-space, or my tweety-page.

Well, up until about 48 hours ago, I only had 2/3rds of the aforementioned time wasting technologies. I decided to jump on board with Twitter! I’m still learning – as I tend to be not so savvy with such things and totally behind the times when it comes to the latest and greatest so bear with me while I learn.

When I told Eric, who refuses to even jump on board and create a Facebook account, that I joined Twitter, he rolled his eyes and promptly gave me a new nickname. Yup, you guessed it – YouTwitFace – courtesy of his comedic idol Conan O’Brien. LOL. Thanks, honey!

You can follow my tweets here on my blog in the right hand column. See what’s up in (and out of) my kitchen!

Oh, and since I have officially made it to my one year Blogiversary (awww…happy anniversary, blog!) and I am going to start adding a “one year ago” link to my posts to relive some of my faves from the last year, so be looking for that too!

On that note – One Year Ago: Pineapple Strawberry Bars

Enjoy and Happy Tweeting! šŸ™‚

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