And the Award Goes To. . .

I just love keeping up with all the great food blogs out there. It’s like one big virtual potluck where everyone shares their favorites and invites you to do the same. You can really learn a lot about someone by what they make and how they relate to food. It’s a blast!

Two absolutely FAB bloggers just nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award.

Thanks so much Karen of Lovestoeat and Stephanie of Stephanie Cooks! Both these blogs are packed with amazing recipes that are not only impressive but easy to make. Thanks again, ladies. Keep on cookin’! 🙂

And to spread the love and pay it forward, I nominate the following lovely blogs for the Lovely Blog Award!

Branny Boils Over
Cook Like a Champion
Food alla Putteanesca
Erin’s Food Files

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One response to “And the Award Goes To. . .

  1. Awww! Thanks so much for the award! 🙂

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