So Long, Farewell…

Friends. It is time. I must bid you adieu.

It is that time of year again. November. I can’t believe how fast it’s come around again but yet here we are, staring down the barrel of the end of the year. And so I must say goodbye to blogging for 30 days.

I have decided once again to put blogging on hold in the month of November while I tackle the NaNoWriMo 50k novel in 30 days challenge. Last year I did it and I won. That’s right. I WON! All I won was the satisfaction of a job well done, but apparently that was enough for me to get the urge to try this crazy little thing called writing all over again.

As much as I love blogging and sharing my recipes and stories with you, I must spend November completely and totally focused on this project. I just can’t put my creativity, words or spare time into anything else. NaNo WILL consume me for the next 30 days. It WILL torture and torment me. Each keystroke more painful than the last. Hamburger Helper may or may not be consumed as I rush to put something, anything in my stomach so I can write in the evening when I get home from work. Ideas and characters and plots will tumble out onto the page at lightning speed and when it’s all said and done – I’ll be blurry-eyed, exhausted and five pounds heavier. But I’ll have a novel. A craptastic novel, no doubt. But a novel nonetheless.

Two words: Worth. It.

As I prepare to step away from the food blogging world for the next 30 days, I just want to encourage anyone who’s ever had a story floating around in their head to consider giving this challenge a try. Writing is extremely therapeutic and a lot of fun. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. You’ll be amazed at how awesome you feel when what’s in your head is out of there on paper. It’s…life changing.

Inspiration is everywhere. Can’t help but smile when you think about that childhood friend who had a knack for getting the two of you in trouble? Write about their adventures. Still feel that little tug inside when you think about the one who broke your heart? Let it all out. Change the ending, if you want. Heck, plop your characters right smack dab in the middle of a restaurant kitchen, bakery, or culinary school and see what they cook up. Think about what inspires you, think about what you love, think about what you know. Think about what you wish you knew then. There are no rules. There is no right or wrong. There are just words. Your words.

Just start writing. That’s what I’m going to do. So what if you’re no Shakespeare? I’m not either. I’m just going to throw caution to the wind and have one crazy, rowdy, writing November. I hope you do the same!

So anyway, I hope you’ll all bear with me in my absence. I will return in full force on December 1 armed with a mixer and bowl to take on the upcoming holiday baking season. I hope to check in at least once or twice throughout this process.

Oh, treats for a sugar pick-me-up are welcome! Please send care packages and good thoughts to:

Disgruntled Wannabe Novelist
c/o: A dark corner in the public library
Iowa, USA. 🙂

See you in 50,000 words!


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7 responses to “So Long, Farewell…

  1. Good luck!
    I signed up but I’ve kinda lost my writing mojo.

  2. brannyboilsover

    Good for you. Good luck and have fun!

  3. amy

    love your blog good luck the next 30 days and I will look forward to reading you again. i am from a very small town in n.w. nebraska

  4. Good luck and happy writing!

  5. Good luck! Have a wonderful time writing!

  6. I will miss your witty banter and delicious food! But Good Luck! I hope you win again!

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