Big Girl Snacking

Eric and I have a slight….problem.

See, according to the miracle of life, biology and the fact that we both entered this world in June 1982, solid fact implies we are both approximately 27.5 years of age. Here’s the problem – we are living an outrageous lie.

Sure, sure…every day our alarms go off and we get up, make ourselves presentable and skip off to work. While we are there we act completely professional and appropriate as we do our very best to contribute to the overall success of our respective organizations. But we can’t help but wonder….how long until someone, anyone, realizes we are nowhere near as mature as our biological age implies?

We watch old cartoons on YouTube.

We think it’s hilarious to sneak up on each other and yank down pajama pants while someone is washing their face at the bathroom sink. “You’re defenseless!” Is the standard battle cry.

We have every Nintendo and Super Nintendo game ever made on our Wii and play our old faves regularly (That’s really fun! It’s just like being 10 again…only with more cursing. Ha.)

We dance around. And rock out with our bad-ass air guitarin’ selves. And sing into hairbrushes.

And one of Eric’s favorite nighttime activities is to get into bed, take off his nasty, sweaty socks that have been stuffed in his smelly boots all day and put them on my face. Nice.

So needless to say, somewhere around the age of 12, we just kind of stopped growing up. Go ahead and judge away. I’m sure everyone else is a lot more sophisticated, but, really, we don’t care. Neener, neener, neener. (I’m sticking my tongue out right now. HA!)

We just like to laugh. A lot. With each and at each other. And frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. All that real world, bill paying, adult stuff we do all day long is BORING. In this house, it’s come as you are. And if you are a teenager in a twenty-something body, you are welcome here! 🙂

There is one area we have grown up at least a little bit. FOOD! Despite our fondness for depantsing and other such nonsense, you won’t find blue box mac and cheese, chicken nuggets or Kool-Aid in this house. I’m all about trying new things and new flavors and if it’s healthy, well, that’s even better!

I’ve been seeing roasted chickpeas pop up in various places and I found myself immediately intrigued. What a brilliant idea for a healthy, crunchy, protein-packed snack! I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I actually made these chili-roasted chickpeas to take to a New Year’s Eve gathering but I ended up forgetting to grab the jar before we left. Oops. Oh well, MORE.FOR.ME. Mmmm. I’m hooked.

These are going to be my new go-to Big Girl snack. I’m always on the hunt for something healthy and filling to keep on hand while I’m pretending to be a grown-up at work. There’s no excuse to hit the vending machine when you can bring these from home. They are SO easy and can easily be customized. I’m looking forward to experimenting with other flavor combos.

One note on this particular recipe – while I enjoyed the crunchiness and the flavors of the chili powder and cumin, I missed a bit of heat. If you use mild chili powder (as I did) and want a bit of a bite in the background, I’d add a bit of cayenne. Not too much, maybe a 1/4 teaspoon or so. A little goes a long way. Other than that, this is a tasty, healthy snack, I’ll be making again and again.

CHILI ROASTED CHICKPEAS (Recipe Source:, originally from Southern Living)


  • 2  (16-oz.) cans chickpeas, rinsed and drained
  • 3  tablespoons  olive oil
  • 1 1/2  teaspoons  chili powder
  • 1  teaspoon  pepper
  • 3/4  teaspoon  ground cumin
  • 1/2  teaspoon  salt


Preheat oven to 425°. Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl. Transfer mixture to a lightly greased 17- x 12-inch jelly-roll pan. Bake 45 to 50 minutes or until crispy and dry, stirring every 10 minutes. Let cool 20 minutes.




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14 responses to “Big Girl Snacking

  1. YUM those look good! But I have to ask, since I just got a Wii for Christmas and used to be hooked on the original Super Mario Bros when I was 10…how can you get those original games on your new Wii? Is it really possible?

    • themilkmanswife

      Hi Rachel – A friend of ours helped us put them on all on there…I actually don’t know much about it. But you can actually buy them right from the Wii main menu. There’s an icon that says “shop” or something like that. They are really cheap to buy…5 bucks a game or so. They are always adding new titles. Have fun!! 🙂

  2. Haha, this sounds like our house, though we do have blue boxes of mac & cheese for those occasions where my husband has to cook dinner – I know I can trust him with that over anything homemade!

    However, ironicially enough, I bought some chickpeas this weekend to roast and was planning on thinking up different seasonings. Now I don’t have to because this is what I was thinking about when I was in the store!

  3. Never have roasted chickpeas, must be an interesting taste.

  4. What a great day to have found this site! I’d never thought of roasting chickpeas before. Sounds yummy!

  5. Amanda McCoy

    HI Erin,
    It sounds like your husband and my husband are very similiar in many ways 🙂
    Your recipe looks yummy! I haven’t ever tried chickpeas before and I don’t think Clint has either but we’ll have to give it a whirl sometime.
    Enjoy your blogs…keep em coming! Do we see a book in the future? Come on everybody out there, tell Erin she needs to write a book..such talent!! 🙂

    • Erin's Mom

      Amanda, I’ve only been telling Erin for the past 10 years that she should write a book! But does she listen to her mother?!?!? Nooooooooooo, of course not! But, hey, I never listened to my mother either! Ok Erin – The guantlet has been thrown down – We Want A Book!

      • themilkmanswife

        Ah! So much pressure! Since it’s obvious from this post that I am, in fact, a child, I suppose I should listen to my mother! LOL.

        Someday, ladies…someday. 🙂

  6. Eric (Erin's Loving Husband)

    Everyone: For your information, Erin has written 2 books over the past 2 years (each November for National Novel Writing Month). However she has never shared one word of it with anyone, including me. Why not post the first chapter of each novel for some feedback….maybe to your new creative writing blog? You’re going to have to let someone read your novels eventually.

    PS…Erin loves comments on this blog, please leave comments whenever you can!

  7. Hey Erin! I’m thinking you could certainly pull off a book! Dan has came home several days this week talking about the recipes on your blog! Guess I’m gonna have to start checking here for my meal planning ideas! 🙂

  8. Meridith Bryans

    One day on Facebook, one of the little side messages said something about, “Jim is a member of the Milk and Honey fanpage.” I was so excited when I started looking at the page because I thought that maybe Jim had joined because he wanted to start cooking…then I figured out that he joined because he knew you…not because he wanted to expand his cooking skills!

    However, I love your blog and all the great recipies. I tried the chickpeas last night and they were really good. I think that I’ll try them again with the seasoning for Chex Mix.

    • themilkmanswife

      Oh, that’s too funny. I guess I’ve got all the P-town guys interested in eating, but not so much in cooking! We need to change that. Put those guys to work!

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  10. Beth

    I made a batch of these to share/snack on for when my in-laws come to visit this weekend – only trouble is that I just might eat them all myself before they arrive… thanks for the recipe!

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