Picky is in the eye of the beholder

Eric and I have a difference of opinion on what constitutes a picky eater. And we both accuse the other of being one.

Eric, to me, is a picky eater because he still has a hard time eating his vegetables (although he’s improving! We’re getting there!) He has an irrational fear of Chinese takeout which I will never ever understand and if there’s an item he hasn’t had before, he’s pretty hesitant to try it (although he usually does…within reason) He’s meat and potatoes all the way which I suppose some could translate into a picky eater.

To Eric, I’M a picky eater because I don’t eat some of the things he does. Rather, he accuses me of food-snobbery and that makes me picky. He’s happy with a packaged lunchmeat sandwich on store bought white bread. I won’t touch anything like that. (Ew.) He’ll eat the sliced cheese that’s been open in the fridge for over a month. I’m ready to throw it away. (Sorry, I’ll pass on the food borne illness, thanks) He would douse his whole plate in ranch dressing if I’d let him. I CAN.NOT. handle ranch dressing. Vile, disgusting creation.

See, I really don’t think being conscious and discriminating about what you put in your body can be seen as being picky. That’s just making good choices. I do, however, have one food downfall. One that I am teased mercilessly about. One that I just can’t seem to get over…

And that is…Anything that falls into the category of white and creamy. Mayo is the biggest offender. I don’t keep it in the house, I can’t eat it, I don’t cook with it. The sight and smell of it is enough to send me over the edge. I remember this one time at work a couple years ago, I was setting up lunch for a big meeting with some clients that were in the office and had to unveil this GIANT vat of coleslaw. I mean, this was more coleslaw than should be allowed in one place at any given time. There should be laws against it. I had to walk away, take a few deep breaths and compose myself for a minute it had me freaking out so bad. I was having some kind of panicky episode. Over coleslaw. Um. Yeah…

The other one I can’t get past is sour cream. If we go out for Mexican or something and there’s sour cream on my plate, I cry a little inside. Because then I have to scrape it off with my fork or knife, thus contaminating my fork or knife. Then I have to sacrifice my napkin to wipe it clean and oh, it’s just a big old mess. Plus, you can never remove all traces of the offender, so I end up eating around it anyway. And I’ll pass on the sour cream dips, thank you very much. You may keep your French onion dip or what have you. I can, however, cook and bake with sour cream if it’s buried. Don’t ask me why I can cook/bake with sour cream and not with mayo.

I’m telling you, I’ve got issues. But I don’t think anyone can say I’m worse off for not consuming copious amounts of mayo and sour cream, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re welcome, Arteries!

It’s funny because I’ve made progress in some areas and not in others. I’ve warmed up to whipped cream, but I still can’t get excited about a vanilla milkshake. I’m not nearly as offended by vanilla or plain yogurt as I once was, but I’m still pretty turned off by alfredo sauce. I can’t handle ranch dressing, but I do enjoy a nice Caesar.

And then there is cream cheese. The gray area in all of this. First and foremost I will not, CAN NOT, spread it, plain, on a bagel and just eat it. That is a bit too mayo/sour cream like for me. But I do love to bake with it! LOVE to bake with it! From cheesecakes to sweet cheesy fillings in pastries to creamy swirls on top of a chocolaty brownie, I absolutely ADORE cream cheese.

I have started to branch out into savory applications with cream cheese, which is uncharted territory for me. I have decided if I make it myself, I can usually eat it. Which is so bizarro, I know. But something about the prep process and watching it all come together that makes me WANT to try it. As with the case with this cream cheese based dip. Ironically enough, it also features ranch seasoning, but since it’s not in dressing form, I’m okay with it. It’s not necessarily the FLAVOR of ranch I can’t deal with. So, go figure.

Yeah, I can’t figure me out either. I’m weird like that.

I spotted this recipe for Beer & Cheese Dip on Ellie’s blog and decided it would be perfect for the New Year’s Eve party we were attending at a friend’s place. First of all, it can be made ahead of time, which is always nice. It makes a TON so it’s good for large groups. It travels easy. That’s good when I’ve got two other plates of food and a couple of board games in  my hands already. 🙂 And it can sit out, no need to worry about keeping it warm.

The dip was well received at the party! Eric liked it a lot. I liked it too, but found the ranch flavor a bit overpowering. I may knock the ranch from the entire packet to about half in the future. I liked it better smeared on a good loaf of crusty, seedy, multi-grain bread then I did with the salty dippers like pretzels. But again, that just may be a personal preference of mine. Knocking back the ranch a bit may help with the saltiness as well, if you are sensitive to that like I am. Overall, it’s super easy and very good and I would totally recommend it for your next party! 🙂

BEER & CHEESE DIP (Recipe Source: Vintage Victuals)


  • 2 8-ounce packages cream cheese, softened
  • 2 5-ounce jars of Old English Cheese (or 10 ounces Cheese Whiz)*
  • 1 1-ounce package dry ranch dressing mix
  • 1/2 cup beer
  • 1/2 cup toasted pecans, roughly chopped
  • Pretzels, crackers, chips or crusty bread for dipping


  1. Heat the cream cheese and Old English Cheese together in a large bowl for about 40 seconds in the microwave.
  2. Stir in ranch mix. Add beer gradually as you stir, until it reaches the desired consistency. (1/2 cup was pretty much spot on for me.
  3. Transfer to serving bowl. Sprinkle your toasted pecans evenly over the surface of the dip. Chill for 1 hour or up to 2 days. Serve with dippers.

*Note: Old English Cheese is a Kraft product. You can find it hanging out with the other shelf-stable cheese products like Velveeta. Yes, it’s a little weird. But not quite as weird as it’s next door neighbor on the shelf – the pineapple/cheese variety. Don’t believe me? Check it out and see if your store has it! Mine does! For the record, I’ll be passing on the pineapple one…I think it’s white and creamy looking. 😉


One Year Ago: Vanilla Birthday Cake Batter Ice Cream! Oh, how delightful and fun!


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7 responses to “Picky is in the eye of the beholder

  1. Eric (Erin's Loving Husband)

    Its ok, I don’t like ‘naise or sour cream either. For the record, I like ranch but only have it once a week max.

  2. I agree with you on the ranch dressing for sure, but the white creamy stuff….damn if i don’t love it!

    My weirdest food thing (in my opinion) is that the smell of cold tomato anything (sauce, chili, soup, you name it) makes me queasy. When it’s warm it’s fine….but cold – OMG.

  3. This really sounds good. I’m bookmarking it. I make a fondue with the old english cheese thats really good. Who’da thunk it?

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  6. Emily McQ

    In my opinion, coleslaw is the work of Satan–he’s insidious like that, you know! I too was traumatized by coleslaw, but mine involved lunch as a first grader and the desire to be picked as line leader….again, Satan motiving my desire to be line leader at play!

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