We have a Winner!

Wow! Thanks to everyone for participating in my first ever giveaway! This was kinda fun…I think we’ll have to do this again. Soon.

I had a blast reading about all your favorite cupcakes! I was seriously craving swirls of frosting and colored sprinkles all week – so thanks a lot for that. 😉 Looks like everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for the classics – vanilla, chocolate, red velvet. I have to agree. But it appears that the margarita cupcakes is shooting up the popularity charts as well. I have to say – I’ve never had a margarita cupcake but it sounds amazing! I think for my next happy hour, I’m going to have to my cocktail in cupcake form. Booze + cake = WIN!

Speaking of win – let’s get to the reason you’re here. The official winner of their very own copy of What’s New Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson!

May I have the envelope, please? 😉

Comment #29 is the winner! Congrats to thepricklypinecone who said:

I have to agree. I love to bake the classics at home, but when I’m somewhere special or traveling, I like to go all out and try something different. Keeps things interesting. 🙂 Congrats again! I hope you enjoy the book!

Thanks again for playing, all! And thanks again for reading – you guys ROCK!

Happy Cupcake Baking!

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