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And the Award Goes To. . .

I just love keeping up with all the great food blogs out there. It’s like one big virtual potluck where everyone shares their favorites and invites you to do the same. You can really learn a lot about someone by what they make and how they relate to food. It’s a blast!

Two absolutely FAB bloggers just nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award.

Thanks so much Karen of Lovestoeat and Stephanie of Stephanie Cooks! Both these blogs are packed with amazing recipes that are not only impressive but easy to make. Thanks again, ladies. Keep on cookin’! 🙂

And to spread the love and pay it forward, I nominate the following lovely blogs for the Lovely Blog Award!

Branny Boils Over
Cook Like a Champion
Food alla Putteanesca
Erin’s Food Files

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You Like Me, You Really Like Me!!

Sorry, I channeled Sally Field there for a minute. LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to all my wonderful readers!! Food and words are my two greatest passions in life, so I am excited to share them with everyone and just busting at the seems that you all enjoy them as much as I do.

Two awesome ladies were kind enough to nominate me for a couple blog awards!!

Big thanks to Kayla over at Central Cooking for The Fabulous Blog Award and the Lemonade Award for having a refreshing blog and to Kira at Bite This! for also giving me the Lemonade Award! You gotta check out both these blogs….they totally ROCK! Full of deliciousness you can’t resist! Thanks again, girlies!



Now for the rules! Gotta have rules!

– Add the logo in your blog.
– Add a link to the person who gave you the award.
– Nominate other (refreshing…like lemonade and fabulous) blogs of your choice.
– Don’t forget to add links to those blogs in yours.
– Also leave a message for your nominees in their blogs, informing them about the award.
Here are my fabulous blog nominees!
Check ’em out! 🙂


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A Major Award!

I won, I won, I won! Too bad my winnings won’t come in an envelope that says “FRA-GEE-LAY.” That would make my day.

Anyway, thanks to all who may have voted for me in my local paper’s Ghostwriter story contest. I am please to say that I WON! First prize! YEAH! My major award is $100, not a leg lamp. But I could USE my $100 to buy a leg lamp. Hmmm…something to consider. Ha…

Thanks again everyone! 🙂


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E for Excellent

Wow! I came home from work this afternoon and jumped on my email to find that I received my first blog award!! Big thanks to Rachel over at Culinary Kicks for nominating me for the E for Excellent Award! Thank you, Rachel! Rachel’s blog rocks! I am for sure going to have to try her Pineapple Wontons. Mmmm….tell me that doesn’t sound like heaven on a plate!!

Here are a few more E for EXCELLENT blogs that I like!

Yum. Sherri’s blog is full easy, yummy looking recipes!
Lauren’s Kitchen. Um, those peanut butter butter cup surpise cookies…yeah, ’nuff said! Lauren’s blog is amazing!
Central Cooking. Props to my fellow Illini fan Kayla!
Just 2 Good. Amy is a fellow tranaplanted Chicagoian with a totally awesome blog!
Dinner & Dessert. Erin is an amazing baker. Her goodies look picture perfect! Plus, her name is Erin…so she just automatically rocks! LOL! 😉

Now it is your turn:

Please find at least 10 more blogs, of any kind that you love to read. Write a post about the blogs you picked, linking back to me and to them. Once you’ve posted, return here to let me know your post done and be sure to let them know too!!! (If you don’t come up with 10, that’s fine too!)


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